Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas survival guide for your back!

Christmas survival guide for your back! 

One in five people get stressed over the Christmas period and suffer ill-health as a result. At the Fitzwilliam Health Clinic we see a significant rise in demand for Chiropractic treatment early in the New Year as a result of Christmas related stress.

Back and neck problems occur over the Christmas Holidays because people are under pressure to provide the perfect Christmas. We often spend the week leading up to Christmas rushing around doing last minute shopping and preparations. We are then so exhausted we spend much of the following week sitting around on the couch watching TV – something we are not that used to doing!

The result is often sore and uncomfortable backs, so here are some handy tips to keep your spine healthy this Christmas:

  • Keep it simple! Ensure that your expectations of Christmas are realistic. Keep the atmosphere relaxed and get people to help out as much as possible to share the load.

  • Keep Active – As much as we all deserve our well earned Christmas brake (especially this year!) make sure you get some activity each day – however a word of caution...don’t get too excited playing your kids latest Wii games, they can be dangerous; we see a lot of Wii related injuries in the clinic!

To avoid undue strain on your spine when shopping you should:
• Warm up before you start with stretches
• Balance the weight of shopping bags evenly in each hand or use a shopping trolley
• Have a break regularly and keep hydrated
• Use mail-order or home delivery services where possible
• Where sensible, flat, supportive shoes
• Do several small trips rather than one large over-loaded trip

Wishing you a Happy Christmas & Best Wishes for 2012 from Gemma & Patrick!

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